SMC Pneumatics

SMC Pneumatics is a worldwide leading expert in the field of pneumatic automation and control solutions. Utilising the latest cutting edge technology, SMC Pneumatics develops numerous pneumatic solutions across several industries around the world. Central to SMC Pneumatics ability to provide pneumatic products and solutions are their investments into research technologies and new production methods.


SMC Pneumatics designs, manufacturers and sells pneumatic products which include actuators, valves and manifolds and connectors, air equipment, instrumentation, vacuum products, accessories and specialty equipment.

SMC Pneumatics serves numerous industries which includes; automotive, electronics, life sciences, food & beverage and print industries.

Since its establishment, SMC Pneumatics has been providing industries with technology and products to support automation. From actuators and valves, to fittings and vacuum generators, SMC products are designed to fit end user requires on a range of applications.

The SMC Pneumatics group ranges their products from general purpose products to high value added product for which the highest quality and performance are required.

SMC Pneumatics Product Range

  • Actuators
  • SMC Valves
  • SMC Fittings
  • Air Preparation
  • SMC Instrumentation
  • Vacuum Products
  • SMC Specials
  • SMC Sensors
  • Serial Transmission

Office Address 

21 Drakes Mews
Crownhill Industrial Estate
Milton Keynes

Tel: 0345 00 00 400

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