Counting Applications

Counting Applications

Counting Applicatons In the field of manufacturing, commerce and automation the need for accurate applications that can count, detect and identify with precision are in growing demand.

From compiling and recognising large amounts of data, to counting production lines and unit lines, counting automation applications not only save time and money, they can also ensure that you can track and trace the exact quantities of production.

If you have a counting automation application that you wish to have designed or developed, feel free to contact us and one of our technical engineers will provide the ideal counting solution to your automation needs.

Remote Monitoring System

      The customer requested a system to allow the remote data collection of a Filling, Labelling and Cartoning machine. The machines status was needed to be logged for the duration of the shift.


Production Counter Box

      The customers wanted to install a simple production counter which was mounted into an enclosure, to be used in a rugged environment. A reset button was added to avoid the counters own button being used to destruction.


Automated Tablet Counter

      More Control were asked to develop an automatic tablet counting machine which could dispense high levels of tablets / pills and be easily programmed, adjusted and integrated into a fully automated production line.


People Counter

      Automation Application designed and developed for the Kew Gardens Tree Top walkway to accurately measure and detect the number of people and their directions of movement at any given part of the walkway. By using this people counting application, the Kew Gardens could regulate the number of people on the Tree Top walkway to optimise their comfort and to ensure safety on the walkway.


Filling Machine

      Working in conjunction with KBW Packaging, More Control has designed a new range of tablet counting and liquid filling machines and automation applications, suitable for a range of counting products.


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